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Vogel cut crystals

by on Sep.07, 2009, under Crystals, Slideshow blog

Marcel Vogel was a scientist who worked for IBM.  He did a lot of experiments between nature/human and discovered something…

Marcel discovered that the greatest cohering agent is love.  This, of course, set him apart from his fellow scientists.  At a time when many still don’t acknowledge that an observer affects what they are observing, the notion of love was a totally unscientific idea.  Even when cloaked in the garb of a term like resonance it was unacceptable.  To Marcel, love was (and is) a pure force.  Certainly we experience it as an emotion, but this is our experience of something that is beyond emotion.  He likened it to gravity, an attracting and cohering force present at every level of existence.  Without this relationship an important aspect of scientific investigation is missing, preventing us from discovering and exploring the more, perhaps most, subtle aspects of life.

This is one reason why certain scientific investigations in the area of subtle energies cannot be readily replicated.  It is not always a matter of scientific protocol, but a matter of relationship.  Unfortunately many scientists would consider this to be some kind of inessential and perhaps bothersome epiphenomena.  Although such individuals are scientists, to Marcel, they were technicians attempting to prove what they already thought was true.  The true scientist is one who attempts to discover with childlike curiosity.  Too often we, all of us,  only want to confirm what we already believe.

Here are some pictures I took of one:


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