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Swirling Orgonite pieces

by on Oct.28, 2016, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Came across this really cool mold that makes swirly pieces so I went a bit crazy and did some glitter pieces.

Love the way they came out, they are almost ten inches in diameter and pretty heavy, though easily hooked on a nail if you want to place them on a wall.

img_5396 img_5397 img_5400 img_5402 img_5403 img_5408 img_5410

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Orgonite care package

by on Apr.22, 2016, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

I recently gave some pieces to someone to gift with and they enjoyed giving them away so I am bringing more today 🙂

Puppy paws, bones, flowers, feet, flip-flops, moai’s, pyramids and other little pieces, all made with aluminum, copper, brass and some have iron.

DSC_0011 DSC_0016

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Goddess of the Earth orgonite

by on Apr.21, 2016, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

I have not been pouring very much this year due to getting into dog rescue… but now that spring has arrived and the weather is great it’s wonderful to get back to the shop.  Got this mold last year and this was the first time I used it – I love the way it came out but may paint it later, if I do I will post another photo.  It has a double terminated crystal sticking up from the bottom… and of course a picture of Bob the wonder goat for scale 😉

DSC_0015 DSC_0020



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Flower of Life Orgonite Charging Plate

by on Nov.22, 2015, under Lemurians, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Someone had asked me to make them a particular colored charging plate with a flower of life design – it came out so nice I had a hard time letting it go… last week I made one for myself with six Lemurians inside along with some other things.  It came out nice so I took some pictures:


I call it “herd interference”… mixed with curiosity…


There is a surprise on the bottom…



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Doubts and Confidence

by on Jul.29, 2015, under Favorite quotes, Slideshow blog

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts

while the stupid ones are full of confidence”


Charles Bukowski

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Special orgonite flowers for special people

by on Jun.23, 2015, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

I wanted to gift some orgonite to a person who does a lot for others… and made some special flowers and swirlies to send her – I know she will be gifting them to where they are needed…

They all contain copper, brass, aluminum, blue kyanite, selenite and a herkimer diamond.


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Changing you

by on Jun.09, 2015, under Favorite quotes, Slideshow blog


Everything changes when you start to

emit your own frequency rather than absorbing

the frequencies around you, when you start

imprinting your intent on the universe rather

than receiving an imprint from existence.


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Orgonite Jewels

by on Jan.18, 2015, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

Came across this cute little mold to make jewel shapes and thought these would be great for orgonite key chains or such.  The facets on the pieces proved to be trickier to photograph than I thought… but they are very visible on the actual pieces.


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Orgonite charging plate keeps cut flowers so much longer

by on Dec.18, 2014, under Nature, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Hubby got me a couple of bunches of flowers a couple of weeks ago and this morning I was cleaning the house, saw the wilted ones and decided to take them out.  Once I got into the kitchen and saw the other bunch I had a bit of a whoa moment… since the second bunch had been sitting on an orgonite charging plate and still looked perfect… They have been there for at least two weeks…  so I decided to take some photos for comparison since the wonders of what orgonite does never fails to blow me away…

Here is the bunch that was in another room without a charging plate:


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Massive Citrine HHG

by on Dec.03, 2014, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Someone really likes Citrine so I decided to make them a special gift… and love the way it came out 😉  The one thing I was a little bummed about is how the tip of the citrine didn’t show much – most of it is embedded in the copper layer.  The piece also has a huge DT Tibetan and a bunch of Madagascar points.


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