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Shearing my sheep

by on Jun.03, 2014, under Nature, Slideshow blog

Brought my two Shetland sheep over to a friends farm to shear them now that the summer is getting hot… and it was quite the experience – me never having done it before and not knowing what to expect.  The sheep are only about a year old and had never had it done before either so it was quite the surprise for them as well 🙂

Here is Fred stuck into the stand not knowing what was coming next… but he was very good about it.


Lucky me have friends who believe in teaching people how to do things themselves rather than just doing it for them… so she got me started… and I got to cutting…


It’s a little scary cause the shears are extremely sharp and you don’t want to nick the skin…

DSCN6823 DSCN6824

It amazing how it all comes off in one big piece…


Her herd of alpacas found it just fascinating… possibly hoping they would be next… maybe not… hard to know what an alpaca may be pondering…


Poor Fred had no clue what had just happened and where his wool went… but I bet it felt pretty good…



Once we put him back in the pen the sheep started butting for dominance – it was as if they didn’t know each other and amusing to watch.  Once we got home I had to reintroduce them to the dogs cause the dogs acted as if I had brought brand new animals home – very strange but interesting.

Now I have learned how to wash and process the wool as well but that is for another post.


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