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Early morning turkey visitor

by on May.28, 2014, under Nature, Slideshow blog

This morning I looked out the window and saw this turkey that I had seen yesterday – she seemed lonely and was hanging out close to the yard, seemingly pretending to be part of my flock of chickens and pigeons… chattering away in turkey speak.  Our dogs who are bred to guard didn’t seem to mind her one bit since she’s not a predator.  Took some photos and thought I’d share.





The chickens make her feel part of the family…



As do the pigeons…



And the guard dog does not care cause he just dug a fresh hole for himself…






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Wild harvesting stinging nettles

by on May.14, 2014, under Nature, Slideshow blog

I just had this most amazing nature experience and so thought I would write about it.  I have been up by the creek harvesting ramps for the past few weeks and  last week realized that I would have to start wearing long pants and shoes after getting stung by nettles and having to accept that my ramp season was coming to an end… sniff… cause that was so much fun for me – I could spend hours out there in the middle of nowhere with nobody but my dogs and it was utter bliss.

Then I started looking into the benefits of harvesting and eating stinging nettles… and got a good chuckle out of it cause we buy both chlorella and spirulina to get good greens… and nutritionally nettles kinda beat them both – especially when you can get local ones…

My first nettle harvesting expedition I wore long pants, boots and gloves… using scissors… being very careful… only picking the ones that were small, no higher than up to my knees… but upon getting stung a couple of times I decided that instead of seeing it as a bad thing I would give a little “thank you” every time instead cause those stings do have the ability strengthen your immune system.  The second time I went out I for some reason felt like singing and came up with these little silly songs – thanking the nettles for sharing themselves with me…

Today I went out harvesting some for someone else and sang all the way – it was as if nature asked me to use my voice and the songs I came up with got sillier and sillier – mainly asking for the ones who wanted to help heal people to let me know and expressing gratitude for the abundance all around me…

Then I got a little idea – I decided to let them sting me a couple of times so I took off my gloves and rubbed my arm into a whole bunch… no sting…  I tried again and there was no sting…  I took my gloves off and started picking them without wearing any and there was no stinging…  I was amazed beyond belief!!!

I gathered a whole paper bags full and decided to go home and tell hubby cause this was just blowing me away…  I came home and he (who sees auras) said “My God – what are those flames coming off your hands – they look like they are on fire… like flames just radiating…” and I laughed… telling him that nettles somehow suddenly had decided not to bother me.  He had a hard time believing it so he said “maybe they are something other than nettles?” so I asked him to check them out – rubbing a branch on his arm… and with an instant “ouch” he said that they were definitely the right thing… waiting for the welts to develop…  I then took a few leaves and stuffed them into my mouth… chewing on them and had no problem at all – except that hubby did not feel like kissing me for quite a while after that 😉

I now have a theory that if you go with your gut and do something that would not be ordinary (like me singing…) and just go with the feeling and instead of having a “dammit” attitude with nature she will work with you… that by expressing gratitude for all the goodness shared you get something special in return… which I really feel I did…

Here is a picture of the bag I came home with:



and they are now in the dehydrator at a low temperature for the night:


I asked for special healing for those who will get the tincture made from this…



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by on Apr.10, 2014, under Nature, Slideshow blog

There is this delicacy in the woods here that they call ramps… little onions that have a very strong taste and can be found by creeks and streams. I just googled it and they are also called spring onions…

Last year we went into the woods with some friends and picked them – though strong they were lovely… so I decided to go out by myself to see if I could find any for us to have for dinner tonight.

Went way up into the woods and started looking… until I with a chuckle realized that I had no idea what I was looking for… only having picked them once and not being smart enough to even look it up before I headed out… I really had no idea what they looked like…

I dug up a few things but none of them seemed like anything I would want to eat. So…

I put out a silent call that any ramps that were ready to be picked identify themselves to me since I was actually unprepared to go there with the information that I obviously needed – like a photo…

Then I started smelling something… and looked down right by my feet to this little very green thing that was just calling out… and I started digging (with my hands – here they do it with sticks). It was a ramp… and then found another and then another… but only taking a couple from each patch…

This is what we are adding to our dinner tonight – gotta love spending time in well gifted places… I honestly believe that is the way it’s supposed to be… when we are out connecting…




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The Phone Bone

by on Mar.10, 2014, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

Hubby made me a little gift for that phone I rarely use… but it’s so cute I had to share – we call it The Phone Bone 🙂



It is attached with a velcro dot.


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by on Jan.19, 2014, under Nature, Orgone, Slideshow blog

When pouring…

I feel… watched…

and then I turn around…


They hide in the strangest places in the shop… silently… sneakily…



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Ice Flowers

by on Jan.18, 2014, under Nature, Slideshow blog

Due to the cold weather the ice formations are stunning – so many shapes of nature all represented in ice…

Here are some pictures I have taken on our walks:







Enjoy 🙂


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More mini orgone pieces – flowers

by on Jan.17, 2014, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

I have been making a lot of flowers lately… probably cause it’s winter 🙂










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Orgonite Green Man with Pearl-Ex

by on Dec.23, 2013, under Crystals, Orgone

I had a thought this morning about casting Pearl-Ex pigments in a different way by not mixing it into the resin, just brushing the colored powder into the mold before casting.  Had no idea how it would come out but like the way it did.



This one has brass, copper and aluminum along with some other things.  I brushed the gold powder into the mold before casting, the mold was made from silicone.  I actually used green resin but one can’t really tell…

Once this had had come out of the mold there was a bunch of gold powder still in the mold so I decided to cast another one with black iron oxide in the mix, it came out kinda interesting:



Here they are together:



Of course I then had to try making other things by just brushing the Pearl-Ex into the mold before pouring, I used a Q-tip.



You can actually make fabulous looking pieces with brown resin by just brushing the mold with some color beforehand…  These are made with black iron oxide in resin with aluminum and brass in the pieces as well as a single terminated Madagascar point.



These are made with aluminum powder in resin which make it grey but it does show off the Pearl-Ex:




Happy bunch 🙂




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Thieving dog…

by on Dec.12, 2013, under Crystals, Nature, Slideshow blog

I have my own way of cleaning crystals – we have a creek next to the house where I like to leave crystals in bags to get washed and clear before I send them out.  This has been very successful – until today… when our Pyrenees decided he wanted the bag the crystals came in…  He spread about forty pounds of quartz around the yard in the process…  Here is the evidence – along with the “innocent” dog…

This is how I sometimes leave bags in the creek (this is an old rice bag that I like cause it has a zipper):



This is what I came back to…



They are even in the water…


and pup does not understand why I am not as proud as I should be…


Of course the border collie has that look of amusement – she would never….


but he did get the bag in the end… and you seriously can’t be mad at a face like this for very long…


Now I’m off with a fresh bag to start picking up crystals…





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Blessed by “The Ladies”

by on Sep.29, 2013, under Nature, Orgone, Slideshow blog

I had some TB’s out curing in the sunshine when “The Ladies” decided to take a closer look.

IMG_0847 IMG_0850 IMG_0864

Of course there is always that one who has to do things different… lucky they had cured…




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