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Orgone for kids – glow in the dark orgonite

by on Jun.25, 2011, under Orgone, Slideshow blog

I was asked by someone to make a piece for a five year old little boy who had some very bad dreams.  After pondering it for a bit I decided to make a glow in the dark orgonite piece with lots of tourmaline and some other things and then see if my stepdaughter could help me write a story to go with the piece, to explain to the boy what it was about in very simple terms.  I went about getting my supplies together for the piece and she wrote the story:

It’s time to go to bed, get tucked in real tight.

Then the lights go off

And the scary things come out and give you a fright.

That’s why we gave you this magical thing

It will take you to a place where the monsters don’t bite and the bees don’t sting

Forget about the monsters and scary things too,

This glow in the dark star will always protect you.

It almost brought me to tears when I read this poem cause it’s just too perfect…  so now we had to go out and find a star shaped mold since the only stars I had were very small and I needed enough mass in the piece to make it effective.  At Michael’s they have these silicone star shaped muffin molds so we got one of those to try.  I cast a very thin first layer with lots of glow powder, then another layer with metal and crystals and colored resin – they came out pretty cute:

Charging in the sun…

Here is what they look like when they glow:

I have some more glow in the dark colors I’m going to cast this way and once I have them made I will post more pictures.  You can charge these pieces in the sun or under a light and they will glow for a half hour or so, slowly fading out… at least the time it takes most kids to go to sleep 🙂

I thought the story was so wonderful that I wanted to share.



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