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Making Beet Kvass

by on Jan.13, 2012, under Nature, Slideshow blog

For some reason it seems like January is the month where body craves grounding foods and each year I seem to get inspired to make something fermented during that month.  One of this years big adventures was making beet kvass since I had heard much about the benefits of taking it and figured getting more beets into the diet must only be a good thing.  Now that I have been taking it for a while it is the first thing my body craves in the morning and I mix about 1/4 cup with some apple juice and then vortex it really well (the kvass tends to float on top of the juice…).  It gives an amazing boost first thing in the morning and this week hubby got into it as well – I have to make more and so took pictures along the way, hoping that someone else might get inspired to try it.

First start out with three good quality organic beets:

Scrub them clean really well, cut off tops and bottoms and chop into pieces:

Put into a glass container:

and sprinkle 1 tablespoon of good salt (I use Himalayan) on the beets and stir it up:

If you happen to have a couple of tablespoons of raw milk whey you can add this now, otherwise you can use 1/4 cup of previously made kvass you have OR another tablespoon of salt.

Add two quarts of water and stir it up:

Now you can leave this in the kitchen for about three days and then strain out the beets.  The liquid will be thick and slimy to start out with but will get fizzier and thinner the longer it stays in the fridge.  You can also use the same beets for a second fermentation if you wish.  If you decide to do that you will need to wash them really well after straining them and then cut them into halves again and start the process over, with salt and water and a little bit of liquid from the last batch.  You can either drink the kvass as it is (salty, beety and earthy tasting) but it also makes a wonderful substitute for vinegar in a salad dressing.  I like to mix it with apple juice 🙂

There is this magical alchemical transformation that happens when you make this and every time you make it will taste a little different.  The taste matures and changes and it’s incredible how it becomes this living thing that nurtures you – one of those things that cannot be explained but has to be experienced…  Here is what I have left from my last batch – doesn’t it look alive?



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