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Gifting packages

by on Jun.08, 2012, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

I was asked by a friend if we could donate some pieces for a raffle at their local goat show and I was pondering what would be a good introduction for someone winning orgonite like that…  I made a couple of these little packages and hope they will be appreciated… by someone who wins them and have no idea what it is… LOL


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Orgonite charging – or – How I make my balls feel better

by on May.27, 2012, under Crystals, Lemurians, Orgone, Slideshow blog

I came across this cute four leaf clover mold and have been thinking about what I was going to use it for forever…  and then decided to make a charging plate for our various mineral balls to sit outside on, something that was safe enough that the pets would not knock over…

Here is the plate:

and here is a gallery of various spheres having a good time in the sunshine:


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Digging in the dirt

by on Apr.03, 2012, under Crystals, Nature, Slideshow blog

I have had the most magical couple of days and wanted to share what some of my magic is like – some call it magic – some boosting – some praying and some would call it using your intent…  I tend to call it all of the above depending who I speak with…

We live in Western North Carolina, old Native American Indian country for thousands of years and there is a lot of history and amazing places around here.  Since the farmer plowed the field the other day I figured it might be a good time to go out digging for artifacts  – I had previously asked if it was possible and he told me that he had found some arrowheads down there and that I was welcome to dig all I wanted.

After spending about an hour out there in the field I realized that I really had no clue as to what I was looking for – maybe arrowheads but I really didn’t know what they looked like… so I went home, grabbed my pouch of tobacco and went down to gift whoever hangs out down there with some.

The whole area is very well gifted with orgonite but I like to gift tobacco as well in certain places and this felt like a good time.  I really did connect with whoever looks after that area and had a nice little chat where I told them that I would be back tomorrow and that I needed help finding something interesting – I just did not seem to be able to do it on my own…

I think you understand that feeling when I say that I could barely go to sleep cause I just knew that I had been heard and that it was good…

This morning I went down and started digging.  It seemed like there was an artifact in almost every piece of dirt I picked up and I had an incredible time with some interesting insights…

When I was wearing my glasses I could not find them… but when I took my glasses off and fumbled around in the dirt with my hands they were everywhere – it was truly incredible and I completely lost sense of space and time.  I felt like I had company and that they were having as much fun as I was – there was an incredible sense of joy in the whole event.

Of course I had put out there that I was only willing to find objects that wanted to be found that that would not disturb anyone…

Somehow I lost five hours of time digging when Dennis finally came down to give me a drink and told me that the day had pretty much passed…  and had a good laugh at me barefoot in the field covered in mud.   Our dog kept going back and forth between me and home and tried to help me dig, not knowing what we were looking for 🙂

I had found this amazing space that one is always yearning to connect with but it gets harder as one gets older – that complete sense of joy and play.  Us orgonite makers often find that creative space while pouring and I have several other outlets but today was truly special…

I have all my life had this dream of finding an untouched artifact somewhere and was all excited when I came home cause I really felt like I had connected with something new (or old, rather…) down there – right in my own neighborhood.

Now we are going to be practicing some psychometry on some of the pieces I found…   8)

Here are a couple of amazing arrowheads that I found – the top one is made out of quartz!


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Oversized orgonite Rose Quartz HHG

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

We have had this massive martini glass for years now that we never got around to casting so yesterday I dug it out and gave it a wash.  I intended to make a special piece for someone’s healing space and decided to go with lots of rose quartz and amethyst.  It has an inch big rose quartz sphere in the middle where I managed to somehow cause a crack around but it does not affect the piece.  The sphere sits on a bed of crushed amethyst which has plenty of orgonite below it.

Here it is with a 12 oz. HHG next to it for size reference.


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Madagascar DT/ET quartz with chlorite point

by on Feb.21, 2012, under Crystals, Nature, Slideshow blog

Today I got to do something really fun and precious… went to pick up some crystals from the warehouse and they had a new shipment from Madagascar that just arrived… Knowing my excitement with these beautiful crystals they let me unwrap one box to have first choice 🙂  One thing that struck me was that they were wrapped in newspapers with crosswords puzzles that were all done – that made me chuckle and they said that they always laugh about that in the warehouse cause we could not understand the words… but someone obviously had a lot of time on their hands…

I came across this one crystal that was unlike any I’d seen before so I snapped it up – it has a nice point on one end and lots of little terminations on the other with a perfect little chlorite point in the middle.


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Orgonite charging plate/bowl

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Found this mold yesterday and woke up this morning rearing to cast it…  It’s a big mold and both pieces have several different metals and crystals in them, copper, brass aluminum and steel.  Quite a few crystals as well…

Charging sparkly DT Tibetans 🙂

Letting some pieces spend time together outside, a Rose Quartz Merkaba, a Lapis Lazuli Sphere and a Chrysocolla Wand:


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Seashell orgonite

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

We have been spending some time on the beaches in South Carolina and I had gotten myself a nice little collection of sea shells that I decided to cast.  They each contain a very nice DT Herkimer, blue kyanite, selenite and lots of peridot.


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Sets of crystals

by on Jan.22, 2012, under Crystals, Lemurians, Nature, Slideshow blog

We were playing with putting together little sets of crystals and I took some photos here:

Individual sets, each set containing (clockwise) one Madagascar Quartz, three Lemurian seed crystals (one skinny, one DT and one sparkly), one Recordkeeper Ruby, one polished piece of Scolecite, one Apophyllite point, one small piece of Bismuth metal, one large Tibetan DT Herkimer:

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Clear Quartz Crystal Comparison

by on Jan.13, 2012, under Crystals, Lemurians, Nature, Slideshow blog

I dug out some various forms of quartz so I could photograph an easy comparison sheet for those who are curious:

As you can see they all have pretty distinctive characteristics when you place them side by side 🙂  If you click on the image you will get up a larger version of the photo.


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Lightning strike crystals

by on Jul.31, 2011, under Crystals, Lemurians, Slideshow blog

We went to a crystal show yesterday and I learned something I had not known about before – about crystals that have been struck by lightning while in the ground.  The vendor had a few that he showed me and they felt just fantastic to me so I had to get myself one.  I also got myself a large Lemurian that has so much Lithium in it that it is very pink and when I examined it later it just happened to have a lightning strike on it as well so I felt like I got the most amazing bonus.

When we came hom I tried to find more information about these crystals but there is not a lot so I am going to have to figure it out for myself.  Some of what I came up with is the following:

For many years, itinerant miners in of the Serra de Espinha?o Mountains of Brazil have reported finding “flash stones” – now demonstrated to be the result of lightning traveling through a quartz crystal while still in the ground.  The Espinha?o range is frequently hit by orographic thunderstorms, which produce the greatest number of lightning strikes.  Interestingly, orographic lightning has some peculiar features:  it reaches velocities of 160,000 m/s (524,934 ft/s), and it achieves plasma temperatures of 30,000°C in nanoseconds.  Evidences of the effect of this special lightning on lightning-struck quartz crystals are the presence of beta-quartz (which only forms at temperatures over 573°C), along with the presence of cristobalite, the high-temperature modification of quartz (which forms at temperatures of about 1,715°C). Also, an enormous pressure of about 35.00 bar (508 psi) is evidence by the presence of coesite, the rare high-pressure polymorph of quartz.  The stress caused by this very rapid heating and cooling, along with the intense electrical charge and the high pressure, creates a characteristic zigzag fracture pattern on the surface of the affected quartz crystals.

Reproducing the effects of lightning on quartz crystals in a laboratory setting has proven to be very challenging.  After exploring a variety of methods to try to reproduce the characteristic patterns, the study concluded that this pattern could not be created by any mechanical process.

At the high-voltage lab at the Technical Institute of Vienna, Austria and at Ilmenau University in Germany, scientists were finally able to match the unique, shallow zigzag lightning tracks on quartz that is the hallmark of lightning struck quartz.  To form these crystals it takes a unique combination of geological, morphological, climatological, and meteorological conditions.  This means that lightning-struck quartz is very scarce, making it a highly valued item for mineral and gem collectors.

Here are some photos of some of these crystals that I took at the show, apologies for the crappy quality but I didn’t bring my good camera:

Go Thor 🙂


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