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More orgone charging plates

by on Sep.27, 2017, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

I have been making some more orgone charging plates.  These contain aluminum, brass, copper, 24 karat gold and some iron, along with crystals, selenite and blue kyanite.  These puppies are making them look small – they are nine inches across 🙂


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Swirling Orgonite pieces

by on Oct.28, 2016, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Came across this really cool mold that makes swirly pieces so I went a bit crazy and did some glitter pieces.

Love the way they came out, they are almost ten inches in diameter and pretty heavy, though easily hooked on a nail if you want to place them on a wall.

img_5396 img_5397 img_5400 img_5402 img_5403 img_5408 img_5410

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Massive Citrine HHG

by on Dec.03, 2014, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

Someone really likes Citrine so I decided to make them a special gift… and love the way it came out 😉  The one thing I was a little bummed about is how the tip of the citrine didn’t show much – most of it is embedded in the copper layer.  The piece also has a huge DT Tibetan and a bunch of Madagascar points.


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Lemurian Crystal Orgone pieces

by on Sep.18, 2014, under Crystals, Lemurians, Orgone, Slideshow blog

First… find oneself a nice size Lemurian seed crystal… I happened to find one that is even double terminated…

Take photo for size reference, preferably with a nice background, my helper is always available…


Turn said Lemurian into a mold… to then create this:


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Lots of tourmaline

by on Jun.18, 2014, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog

I just got these new molds and decided they were perfect for making some gifting pieces with lots of tourmaline – I put in a couple of spoonfuls of tourmaline mix and the pieces came out just as expected 🙂  They are quite heavier than TB’s…



a closer look…






The sheep were not that interested – it’s not edible… but had a look anyway…



And Inspector Bob had to make sure it was all good too… he’s interested in everything…










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Orgonite Green Man with Pearl-Ex

by on Dec.23, 2013, under Crystals, Orgone

I had a thought this morning about casting Pearl-Ex pigments in a different way by not mixing it into the resin, just brushing the colored powder into the mold before casting.  Had no idea how it would come out but like the way it did.



This one has brass, copper and aluminum along with some other things.  I brushed the gold powder into the mold before casting, the mold was made from silicone.  I actually used green resin but one can’t really tell…

Once this had had come out of the mold there was a bunch of gold powder still in the mold so I decided to cast another one with black iron oxide in the mix, it came out kinda interesting:



Here they are together:



Of course I then had to try making other things by just brushing the Pearl-Ex into the mold before pouring, I used a Q-tip.



You can actually make fabulous looking pieces with brown resin by just brushing the mold with some color beforehand…  These are made with black iron oxide in resin with aluminum and brass in the pieces as well as a single terminated Madagascar point.



These are made with aluminum powder in resin which make it grey but it does show off the Pearl-Ex:




Happy bunch 🙂




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Thieving dog…

by on Dec.12, 2013, under Crystals, Nature, Slideshow blog

I have my own way of cleaning crystals – we have a creek next to the house where I like to leave crystals in bags to get washed and clear before I send them out.  This has been very successful – until today… when our Pyrenees decided he wanted the bag the crystals came in…  He spread about forty pounds of quartz around the yard in the process…  Here is the evidence – along with the “innocent” dog…

This is how I sometimes leave bags in the creek (this is an old rice bag that I like cause it has a zipper):



This is what I came back to…



They are even in the water…


and pup does not understand why I am not as proud as I should be…


Of course the border collie has that look of amusement – she would never….


but he did get the bag in the end… and you seriously can’t be mad at a face like this for very long…


Now I’m off with a fresh bag to start picking up crystals…





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Orgone cubes

by on Jul.26, 2013, under Crystals, Nature, Orgone, Slideshow blog

We had a little joke here earlier today where I admitted that one of my talents was often pouring lopsided pieces… cause it just seems like the table is never level…  and so I decided to put that into use.

I made these little squares in similar fashion to the tilted martini glass one I tried last week.  Pouring layers while tilting the mold and letting it gel in between, then tilting the mold the other way doing another layer.

They came out looking amazing… with the second batch much better than the first (for some reason the bronze powder layer that looks brown didn’t exactly cast shiny…).

Here are some pictures:

DSC_0069 DSC_0072





But wait… there is more…



Now I am starting to have this strange thing going on around here – Coco the chicken REALLY likes orgonite and getting her photo taken… but she’s so cute that I really don’t mind… 😉DSC_0117





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Lotsa Orgone Generating HHG’s

by on Nov.22, 2012, under Crystals, Orgone, Slideshow blog


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Mountain of quartz

by on Nov.22, 2012, under Crystals, Nature, Orgone, Slideshow blog

We have a friend who has mountains of quartz… and I never miss an opportunity to sit on top of them…

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